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Yin Embraces Yang – just some poetic musings here

Yin Embraces Yang

Yin shapes Yang
water always carves to its liking
yielding yet shaping
feeding on solidity
can the yang be tamed?

Peaks spiralling toward the sky
upwardly yearning for clouds of mist
whose tears fall as water
notching their peaks
with deep mysterious gullies
enfolding and encompassing
soft and gentle
slowly relentlessly
wearing Yang down to be
shaped to Yin’s liking

does the watery yielding always prevail?
feeding on rock hard solids
feeling the unwavering
taming/shaping their men with enticing mysteries?

Oh powerful Yin,
waving and weaving
caressing and shaping
so seductive in her dance with the roughness
so smooth, so sugary sweet
so enticing

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An Experiment with Linking

This is one of my photos that I am currently using for my wallpaper on my computer, and I am trying to see if I can actually link it directly in my blog straight from Webshots where I put a lot of my photos (see my lists for a link). 
So let’s see if this works
Guess not,  well here are two shots that make nice wallpapers using "Add Photos"
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8 of the books I read so far this summer!

I just put up a list of fun and good reads that I have read this summer.  I may have forgotten one or two, but what the heck.  I only wish I had a Borders, or a Waldenbooks or whatever bookstore here in Beijing.  Ordering from Amazon to China just costs to much in shipping
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frustrations with Spaces

I don’t use Spaces very often because for some reason, MSN thinks that I am able to read Chinese!!  It is so frustrating as all the code is running in the background and is hard to change!!
I wish I could just get it to default to English without having to play around with "mkt=en-us" 
I have read many wonderful books this summer and thought I’d share the list as best as I can remember them, I am going to try the list function for this one.
Other than that,  I went to the US for 3 weeks to look at colleges with my daughter in late June and am now working hard on my business.  I still play computer games and read a lot, and surf the internet too much.   My camera is somewhat broken, so I haven’t done as much with photography recently… have got to get it repaired.  
Ah heck, I can’t resist putting up some newer photos though 😉   two of these were done in Beijing and one in South Carolina…   and now, I can’t get the new photoloader to download.. grrr…     
well, i have been playing around with the space a little, and accidently invited everyone on my msn messenger list…  i hope none of the photos are too embarassing. 
life is still fabulously interesting  and with that i end my dribble!
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Wow, it has been a long while since I put anything up on this space.  Rather than putting up more silly pictures of me or morbid things like the broken leg!!,  I thought I might just share some of my regular photographic efforts starting off with some spring and summer flowers.   Am now walking without the aid of cane or crutches and I do hope to get out to do more photography in the near future.
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broken leg

I had to delete my original post as I accidently uploaded pics 3 times!!!
Thank you for your wonderful comments Yi, Shumei and Amadan.  Sorry that they were deleted as well.
so here is the original post…. plus just one set of the pics!!

What Happened on Friday night Sept. 23rd


I know I have been neglecting this blog and that many of my friends have been wondering what happened to me and how I managed to break my leg….   

so here is the story


It is that season again when Beijing’s industrious farmers harvest those golden reams of corn and pile them all over country roads to soak up the remaining autumn rays. It is a time when I usually love set out on my trusty red tricycle (motorcycle with sidecar) searching out fun times and settings for photos. But then one dark Friday evening en route to an dinner with some old friends, I was riding on my bike on a long straight country road and the two lane road unexpectedly turned into ONE LANE as there was piles of corn on the road and what was worse was that the one lane had a huge truck in it with bright lights that blinded me as i was driving.

I avoided hitting the truck, but in doing so, the right wheel of my bike hit the rocks that were surrounding the corn. The sidecar bounced up into the air after its wheel slammed into the rock and I instinctively stretched out my left leg and pushed on the road to keep the bike from tipping over. I managed to get the motorcycle steady after that and even hit one more rock as I was slowing down, but one’s leg is not meant to be slammed against a hard surface at 60 kph and I knew that I had done something bad to it.  After stopping on the side of the road, I couldn’t move the leg and called 110, but got a recording.  I then called my friends and they came over and managed to moved me (very carefully) into the backseat of a car facing downwards and took me to a hospital.   X-rays showed that the top of the Tibula bone in my left leg was pulverized and fractured and I had an operation that inserted titanium screws and plates into the leg.  They also took some bone from my hip and grafted onto the fractured location.

After a week in the hospital, I am now at home waiting for the leg to heal and can only use a wheelchair, though I hope to be on crutches soon.   The doctor says that I should be walking normally again within 3 months.

I have added a rather uninteresting album of photos that were taken in the hospital and in my home over the past two weeks, but am in fine spirits and getting used to not being able to move around much.

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